CAMCAD Clicker

An incremental game in the style of Cookie Clicker et al. Make the number go up!


Arkanoid by any other name. Gets faster and more difficult the longer you last.


A simple Hangman game using puzzles from Wheel of Fortune.


Type out words, which get longer the better you do.

Lights Out

A logic game in which the player attempts to change all squares to the same color.


A Fresh New Experience! A Local Multiplayer take on A Classic Pen-and-Paper Game!


A new-ish take on Space Invaders. Manage your ammo and collect powerups.


A small twin-stick style shooter with a simple economy.


DH2 Quick Reference

A web-based quick-reference guide for FFG's Dark Heresy 2e.

DH2 Character Creator

A web-based character creator for FFG's Dark Heresy 2e.

40k Planet Generator

An online version of the supplemental planet creator for 40k.


GR Lunch Picker

Randomly picks from a small selection of lunch spots in Grand Rapids, MI.

SIFRP Reference

A web-based reference guide for GRG's SIFRPG. I don't recommend actually playing this RPG system.

D&D 5e Reference

An online quick reference for D&D 5e.