Skill Descriptions

Generally, a player will make a test with the main characteristic for a skill. However, sometimes the GM determines that an alternate characteristic would make more sense in a given situation - perhaps an attempt to use Deceive to craft a disguise would rely on a character's Intelligence, rather than their Fellowship. Should a test need to be made with an alternate characteristic, this must be determined before the roll.

Recommended alternate characteristics for skills can be found in Table 3-3: Skill List on CB p. 99

Name Main Char Type Description Special Use
Acrobatics Agility Full Action Keep balance or to avoid falling, jump to or from a height, or move around obstacles without falling.
  • Contortionist: Can use his Acrobatics skill to escape from bonds as a Full Action. May also escape from a grapple by using their Acrobatics skill instead of their Agility or Strength when grappling.
  • Manoeuvring: The character may make a Disengage action as a Half Action if he passes a Challenging (+0) Acrobatics skill test.
  • Jumping: When jumping or leaping, may use the Acrobatics skill in the place of AG and S tests. When determining Falling damage, can make an Acrobatics skill test to reduce the effective distance fallen by a number of metres equal to his AGB.
Athletics Strength Full Action Swim across water, push beyond one's limits, or climb difficult terrain
  • Endurance: As a Free Action, can make a Dificult (-10) Athletics skill test whenever he suffers a level of Fatigue as a result of running, swimming, or climbing to ignore its effects. They can continue to take tests and ignore Fatigue gained indefinitely; however, if a test fails, they must rest for at least 4 hours and cannot use his Athletics skill again during that time.
  • Heft: As a Free Action, a character can make a Challenging (+0) Athletics skill test to increase his carrying capability for a single encounter. For every degree of success, Strength is increased by 10 for how much weight can carry, lift, or drag, to a max S of 100. Hefting can only be attempted once per encounter.
Awareness Perception Free Action Spot ambushes, search for clues or hidden items, or evesdrop on conversations
  • Lip Reading: Dificulty of this test is modified -10 for every 10 metres of distance between the character and the speaker. A successful Awareness skill test reveals the general gist of the conversation.
Charm Fellowship 1 minute Improve someone's opinion of thet character, distract someone by drawing his focus away from others, or gather information from locals or strangers. Target makes a Willpower save against Charm's characteristic test.
Command Fellowship Half for Simple, Full for complex Send an NPC ally into an extremely dangerous situation or into open combat, rally allied fighting forces, or organise them in the face of a surprise attack.
  • Inspire: As a Full Action, the character can make a Challenging (+0) Command test to inspire one or more of his followers. Inspired followers receive a +10 on their next skill or characteristic test.
  • Terrify: As a Reaction, try to counter the effects of Fear in his allies should they fail their WP test. Make a Command skill test opposed by the WP of the Fear-causing creature. Both the character and the creature add +10 to their rolls for each level of Fear they possess. If the character is successful, his allies ignore the effects of Fear
Commerce Intelligence 1 minute, or more for complex deals Gain a bonus when attempting a Requsition test, try to track down a rare item, or ascertain the value of an item. Target makes a Commerce or Willpower save to oppose.

  • Evaluate: A success tells the character the Availability of the item he is evaluating, while a failure tells him nothing. If he fails by more than 3 degrees of failure, the GM should give a false Availability.
Common Lore Intelligence Free Action Learn about a situation, location, character, or object; subject to specialization. Common Lore has multiple specializations; these are listed on the character sheet.
Deceive Fellowship 1 minute, or more for complex deception Tell a convincing lie, distract someone with rambling nonsense, or try to disguise oneself.
  • Disguise: Can create a disguise, given time and raw materials. The time taken depends greatly on the complexity of the disguise. Additional deception checks may be necessary as one comes under scrutiny.
Dodge Agility Reaction Dodge a melee or ranged attack, or to avoid hazards.
  • Dive for Cover: If there is cover with a number of metres equal to the character's AGB and they are not Prone, they can Dive for Cover as a Reaction against a ranged attack instead of trying to Evade. This requires an Ordinary (+10) Dodge test; if successful, the character leaps behind cover and goes Prone. They are still hit by the attack, but benefit from the AP of the Cover.
Forbidden Lore Intelligence Free Action Seek information about potential cult activity, learn about the operations of xenos, or determine the proper procedure to summon a Daemon. Forbidden lore has multiple specializations; these are listed on the character sheet.
Inquiry Fellowship One hour or more Try to track down a local crime lord, attempt to learn the attidues of the local populace, or gather information about specific locations.
Interrogation Willpower One hour or more Attempt to learn battle plans from a commander, force an Imperial Adept to reveal hidden information, or have a cultist reveal a hidden meeting place.
Intimidate Strength Full Action Coerce someone into acting a certain way, or try to make an opponent back down from a fight.
Linguistics Intelligence Free Action Decipher an archaic text, compose a moving piece of prose, or convey a message with limited vocabulary.
Logic Intelligence 1 minute, or more for complex problem Solve a riddle, look for clues in vast amounts of unreleated information, or try to win a game of chance.
  • Gambling: In a typical game, each participant wagers an amount, though these are typically the same, and makes an Opposed test with the Logic skill. The character with the most degrees of success or fewest degrees of failure wins the pot.
  • Ciphers and Decoding: A character can use the Logic skill to unravel ciphers and codes. This usually takes a great deal of time. In general, these tests should be Difficult (-10) at the easiest, unless the cipher is already partially decoded or the character has a key available to aid his efforts.
Medicae Intelligence Full Action Apply first aid to a wounded ally, diagnose an affliction and develop a treatment, or perform a surgical procedure for removal of a organ or implantation of a cybernetic
  • First Aid: make a +0 Medicae test, with a -10 penalty if Heavily Damaged or a -10 penalty for every point of Critical damage. If successful, remove damage equal to IB, plus one point of damage per DoS on the test (removing Critical damage before normal damage). A character can only be treated with first aid once every 24 hours, and only when not also under extended care.
  • Extended Care: Can treat paitents equal to IB, plus one per assistant. For each patient beyond this number, he suffers a -10 penalty on Medicae tests. For each assistant trained in the Medicae skill, gain +10. At the end of each 24-hour period of extended care, the primary healer performs a (+10) Medicae test. If successful, patients heal double the wounds as with their natural rate of healing.
  • Diagnose: A successful skill test yields the name of the ailment and basic treatments. When used on groups, a successful skill test can prevent the spread of disease or mitigate the effects of malnutrition.
Navigate (Surface) Intelligence 1 minute for simple location; 1d5 hours for plotting courses or routes. Make a journey across unfamiliar terrain, find one's bearings in a strange place, or create a map showing the quickest route from one point to another.
Navigate (Stellar) Intelligence 1 minute for simple location; 1d5 hours for plotting courses or routes. Make a journey within a star system, find a ship stranded in an unknown region of space, or find the quickest route from one location within a system (such as a planet) to another location in the system.
Navigate (Warp) Intelligence 1 minute for simple location; 1d5 hours for plotting courses or routes. Guide a starship through the Warp, or convert a journey into a Warp route chart
Operate (Surface) Agility Half Action Drive a vehicle in combat, push a vehicle beyond its normal limits, or attempt to manoeuvre though a crowded highway.
Operate (Aeronautica) Agility Half Action Pilot an aero in a combat situation, fly beyond its limit, or try to land on difficult terrain.
Operate (Voidship) Agility Half Action Manoeuvre a voidship or oversee the use of a macrobattery, orbital laser, or ship's weaponry.
Parry Weapon Skill Reaction Attempt to deflect blows in melee.
Psyniscience Perception Half Action Hunt for the location of daemons, detect the effects of psychic power, or determine a thin point in the veil between the Materium and the Warp.
Scholastic Lore Intelligence Free Action Recount legends from the past, understand an obscure law, or identify a rare beast. Scholastic Lore has multiple specializations; these are reflected on the character sheet.
Scrutiny Intelligence Half Action Tell if someone is lying, collate information and gather conclusions from a report, or interpret augur or auspex readings.
Security Intelligence 1 minute, reduced by 10 seconds for each degree of success. Open a locked door, break into a cogiator and discover its secrets, or lay traps for a ambush.
  • Traps: Can fashion and set traps. The time and resources required, and damage caused by, these kinds of traps depend on the GM's discretion and the intended complexity and effects of the traps.
Sleight of Hand Agility Half Action, or can be performed as a Free Action with an additional -10 penalty. Attempt to steal something from the target's pocket, seek to palm evidence at a crime scene, or try to plant illegal narcotics into a suspect's robes.
Stealth Agility Free Action Scout an enemy force without being detected, sneak up on a foe and kill him quietly, or follow someone without arousing suspicion.
  • Shadowing: Stealth can be used to shadow others and follow them unseen, either on foot, in vehicles, or even in shuttles and starships. Stealth skill tests for shadowing are always Opposed tests against the opponent's Awareness. A single Stealth skill test is sufficient to follow the opponent unseen for 5 minutes per degree of success.
Survival Perception Full Action Find food or water in a hostile environment, start a fire with homemade tools, or track a foe across a hive.
  • Crafting: Survival can be used to make all kinds of primitive devices, from cloaks and stone buildings to spears and armour.
  • Tracking: A character can use the Survival skill to follow the signs left by his quarry. A cunning or devious quarry might attempt to conceal or erase any tracks; in cases where an opponent has done this, the tracker should make an Opposed test against the prey's Stealth.
  • Wrangling: Characters can tame, train, and potentially ride animals encountered in their travels. Both taming and training beasts are Extended tests, the duration of which is determined by the nature and temperament of the creature involved. Wrangling is of no use against cyber or psy-bonded animals, nor against any creatures with true sentience.
Tech-Use Intelligence 1 minute, or more for more complex systems. Repair a broken weapon or vehicle, push a piece of technology beyond its normal limits, or determine how to use unknown technology.
  • Crafting: can be used to make technical devices, from simple clockwork and steam engines to advanced weaponry and armour. The time, difficulty, and materials it takes to create these items are greatly dependent on their complexity.
  • Demolitions: Success on a Tech-Use skill test indicates a character has successfully planted an explosive charge, and set a trigger of his choice. Defusing charges also falls under the Tech-Use skill, with an Opposed test against the Tech-Use skill test of the individual who set the explosives. Winning the test defuses the bomb. Simple failure means that while the charge has not been disarmed, neither has it gone off. Four or more degrees of failure indicate the character has set off the device, suffering the consequences of the explosion.
Trade Intelligence Variable depending on task and complexity. Prepare a meal for high ranking officers, carve one's sigil on a chainsword, or uncover the remains of a lost colony. Trade has multiple specializations; these are detailed on the character sheet.


Exp Costs:

Aptitudes Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Two 200 300 400
One 300 450 600
Zero 600 900 1,200

  or choose a tier  

Name Prerequisites Aptitude 1 Aptitude 2 Tier Benefit Page
Ambidextrous Ag 30 Weapon Skill Ballistic Skill T1 When combined with Two-Weapon Wielder, the penalty for attacks with both weapons in the same turn drops to -10. PG 123 CB
Blind Fighting Per 30 Perception Fieldcraft T1 Ignores all penalties for fighting with a melee weapon while suffering from obscured vision PG 123 CB
Bodyguard Ag 35 Agility Defence T1 After an enemy makes a successful attack against an ally, the character may use a Reaction to move up to his Half Move distance in order to interpose himself between the attacker and target. The attack is then resolved against the character instead of the original target. In the case of a melee attack, the character may also attempt to Parry the attack as part of his Reaction. PG 60 EB
Catfall Ag 30 Agility Fieldcraft T1 Reduces the effective distance of all falls by a number of metres equal to his Agility bonus. Also adds +20 to his Acrobatics skill tests when using Jump PG 124 CB
Clues from the Crowds Fel 30 General Social T1 Once per day, he can re-roll a test made to gather information from a group of people. PG 124 CB
Die Hard WP 40 Willpower Defence T1 Test Willpower to avoid Fatigue from Blood Loss with a Challenging (+0) Willpower test. PG 125 CB
Disarm Ag 30 Weapon Skill Defence T1 As a Full Action, may make an Opposed Weapon Skill test and force opponent to drop weapon. If 3 or more DoS, can steal weapon. PG 125 CB
Double Team - General Offence T1 Gain additional +10 for outnumbering opponent. PG 126 CB
Enemy (choose) - General Social T1 Suffers a -10 times X penalty to Fellowship and Influence tests when dealing with group. PG 126 CB
Ferric Summons Ferric Lure Implants, Mechanicus Implants Willpower Tech T1 Can summon larger metallic objects up to 2 kilograms per point of his Willpower bonus, and can summon such objects up to 40 metres. PG 127 CB
Flagellant Willpower 30 Offense Toughness T1 As a Full Action, the character can take 1d5–2 levels of Fatigue (minimum 1) to gain a +10 bonus on Willpower tests to resist Fear, Pinning, psychic powers, or Corruption, for one hour or until the end of the current encounter. If the Acolyte also possesses the Frenzy talent, he can enter a Frenzied state as a Free Action while under the efects of this talent. PG 127 CB
Frenzy - Strength Offence T1 May spend one full round to enter Frenzy gaining +10 bonus to Weapon Skill, Strength, Toughness, and Willpower, but suffering a -20 penalty to Ballistic Skill, Intelligence, and Fellowship and is immune to Fear, Pinning, Stunning effects, and the effects of Fatigue; he cannot Parry, retreat, or flee. He remains Frenzied for the duration of the combat, and cannot use psychic powers while Frenzied. After combat ends can make a Willpower test to snap out and cannot Frenzy again for at least an hour. PG 127 CB
Grenadier BS 35 Ballistic Skill Finesse T1 When the character misses with a thrown weapon or weapon with the Blast quality, he may reduce the distance it scatters by a number of metres up to half his BS bonus PG 62 EO
Iron Jaw T 40 Toughness Defence T1 Test Challenging (+0) Toughness Test to overcome Stunning. PG 128 CB
Jaded WP 40 Willpower Defence T1 Ignore mundane horrors - dead bodies, xenos abominations, etc. do not cause the Acolyte to gain Insanity points, nor do they require a fear rolls. Daemons, manifestations of the Warp, and other unnatural or supernatural horrors still inflict their effects. PG 128 CB
Keen Intuition Int 35 Perception Social T1 Can retry Awareness test once with -10 modifier. PG 129 CB
Leap Up Ag 30 Agility General T1 Stand as a Free Action. PG 129 CB
Leaping Dodge Ag 35, Rank 2 in the Dodge skill Agility Defence T1 When he would make an Agility test to avoid attacks from weapons with the Spray quality, he may make the test using his Dodge (Ag) skill instead. PG 63 EO
Mounted Warrior Rank 2 (Trained) in any Operate skill or Rank 2(Trained) in Survival skill, BS 30 or WS 30 Weapon Skill / Ballistic Skill Offence T1 Reduces any penalty for making attacks (Melee or Ranged) from a moving vehicle or mount by 10 for each advance. PG 58 EI
Nowhere to Hide Per 30 Perception Offence T1 Can add DoS from the attack to reduce armour value of cover. PG 130 CB
Peer (choose) Fel 30 Fellowship Social T1 Character has good reputation amongst chosen group with bonus to Fellowship tests increases to +10 times X. Additionally, when the character acquires his talent, also increases his Influence by 1. PG 130 CB
Quick Draw - Agility Finesse T1 Draw weapon as Free Action. PG 131 CB
Rapid Reload - Agility Fieldcraft T1 Reduce reload time by half time. PG 131 CB
Resistance (choose) - Toughness Defence T1 Gain +10 bonus to particular resistance test. PG 131 CB
Skilled Rider Rank 2 in any Operate skill Agility Fieldcraft T1 Whenever the character would be thrown from or tossed about within his vehicle, he makes an Ordinary (+10) Agility test. If he succeeds, the character may choose to either land safely on his feet or retain in his original position in the vehicle. In addition, once per round the character can attempt an Ordinary (+10) Agility test to Mount or Dismount a vehicle as a Free Action. PG 63 EO
Sound Constitution - Toughness General T1 Gain an additional wound. PG 131 CB
Takedown - Weapon Skill Offence T1 Make special attack to stun opponent. PG 132 CB
Technical Knock Int 30 Intelligence Tech T1 Un-jam gun as Half Action. PG 132 CB
Warp Sense Psy Rating, Psyniscience, Per 30 Perception Psyker T1 Allows Psyniscience test as Free Action. PG 133 CB
Weapon Training (choose) - General Finesse T1 Use Weapon Group without penalty. PG 133 CB
Weapon-Tech Tech Use +10, Int 40 Intelligence Tech T1 May enhance any Melta, Plasma, Power, or Exotic weapon by increases the weapon's damage and penetration by an amount equal to the character's Intelligence bonus until the end of the round once per encounter. PG 133 CB
Ambassador Imperialis Fellowship 35, Intelligence 35 Perception Social T2 Any penalty to Interaction skill tests for dealing with xenos or non-Imperial NPCs by 20. In addition, once per encounter, he can reroll a failed Interaction skill test when interacting with such an NPC. PG 62 EO
Archivator Intelligence 40 Knowledge Social T2 A Scholastic Lore or Forbidden Lore test utilising sources of recorded information of any sort can re-roll with -10. PG 62 EO
Armor-Monger Int 35, Tech-Use, Trade (Armourer) Intelligence Tech T2 Gains an extra amount of Armor points equal to his Intelligence bonus. Takes an hour each day. PG 123 CB
Battle Rage Frenzy Strength Defence T2 Can Parry while Frenzied, and can re-roll a failed test to snap out of Frenzy or resist entering Frenzy if they choose. PG 123 CB
Bulging Biceps S 45 Strength Offence T2 Remove bracing requirement from Heavy weapons, and +20 to his Athletics skill test when using Heft. PG 123 CB
Bulwark of Faith WP 45, Iron Faith Defence Willpower T2 When passing a Fear test caused by a Daemon, the Daemon suffers 1 Energy damage ignoring armour and Toughness bonus for each degree of success on the Fear test. PG 60 EB
Combat Master WS 30 Weapon Skill Defence T2 Opponents get no bonus for outnumbering the character. PG 124 CB
Constant Vigilance (choose) Int 35 or Per 35, Awareness +10 Perception Defence T2 Can use Per or Int instead of Ag for Initiative rolls, and rolls two dice (picking higher) for the result. PG 124 CB
Contact Network Cover-Up, Int 35 Fellowship Leadership T2 Use Fellowship instead of Influence for Requisition tests. PG 124 CB
Coordinated Interrogation S 40 or WP 40, Clues from the Crowds, Rank 1 (Known) Interrogation Intelligence Social T2 Has a +10 bonus to all Interrogate tests, additional +5 for others who also have Coordinated Interrogation PG 124 CB
Counter Attack WS 40 Weapon Skill Defence T2 May make a Standard Attack after successful Parry with -20 to Weapon Skill. PG 125 CB
Cover-Up Int 35 Intelligence Knowledge T2 Can reduce Influence by 1 to gain 1d5 Subtlety. PG 125 CB
Daemonhunter Forbidden Lore (Daemonology), WP 40 Offence Willpower T2 May re-roll failed Awareness and Psyniscience Tests to detect the presence of Daemons. In addition, his attacks against Daemons gain the Proven (3) quality. PG 60 EB
Daemonologist Psy rating 3, WP 45, Forbidden Lore (Daemonology) Psyker Willpower T2 When the character takes the Focus Power action and the target of the psychic power is a Daemon, he gains a +10 bonus to the Focus Power test. At the GM's discretion, this bonus may apply to other tests, such as rituals to summon or bind a Daemon. PG 60 EB
Deny the Witch WP 35 Willpower Defence T2 Can use Willpower to Evade against psychic attacks. PG 125 CB
Devastating Assault WS 35 Weapon Skill Offence T2 Successful All Out Attack grants, may make a second All Out Attack once per turn. PG 125 CB
Double Tap Two-Weapon Wielder Finesse Offence T2 A second ranged attack against the same target, grants a+20 bonus if scored 1 or more DoS. PG 125 CB
Exotic Weapon Training - Intelligence Finesse T2 Gain proficiency with one exotic weapon type. PG 127 CB
Face in a Crowd Fel 35, Clues from the Crowds Fellowship Social T2 Can use Fellowship instead of Agility when Shadowing. PG 127 CB
Field Vivisection BS or WS 40, Forbidden Lore (Xenos-Any), Rank 2 in the Medicae skill Ballistic Skill/Weapon Skill Knowledge T2 When using the Called Shot action with a melee or ranged attack (depending on the Specialisation) against a target for which the character has the appropriate Forbidden Lore (Xenos) skill, he makes a Medicae (WS) or Medicae (BS) test in place of the normal Weapon Skill or Ballistic Skill test. PG 62 EO
Hard Target Ag 40 Agility Defence T2 -20 to hit character when he Charges or Runs. PG 128 CB
Harden Soul WP 35, 10 Corruption points Defence Willpower T2 Whenever the character would gain Corruption points, he may reduce the amount gained by half (rounded up) and gain Insanity points equal to the amount reduced. PG 61 EB
Hardy T 40 Toughness Defence T2 Character always heals as if Lightly Damaged. PG 128 CB
Hatred (choose) - Weapon Skill Social T2 Gain +10 bonus to attack Weapon Skill tests. Must make a Challenging (+0) Willpower test to retreat or surrender. PG 128 CB
Hip Shooting BS 40, Ag 40 Ballistic Skill Finesse T2 As a Full Action, can both move up to his Full Move rate and make a single shot attack with a ranged weapon per weapon. PG 128 CB
Hotshot Pilot Rank 2 in Survival or any Operate skill, Ag 35 Agility Tech T2 On an succesful Operate test, he may voluntarily suffer 1 level of Fatigue to add a number of DoS equal to half of his Agility bonus. When failed an Operate test, he may voluntarily suffer 1 level of Fatigue in order to reduce the degrees of failure by an amount equal to his Agility bonus, to a minimum of 1. PG 62 EO
Independent Targeting BS 40 Ballistic Skill Finesse T2 Fire at multiple targets more than 10 metres apart when firing two weapons. PG 128 CB
Inescapable Attack (choose) BS 40 or WS 40,Per 35 Weapon Skill / Ballistic Skill Finesse T2 Attacker imposes penalty on all evasion attempts made against this attack equal to 10 times the total degrees of success scored on the attack test. PG 128 CB
Inspiring Aura Halo of Command Leadership Willpower T2 can affect allies of any kind with the Terrify special use for the Command skill (pg 101 CB). This need not represent threats and intimidation, but might represent inspiring words, encouragement, or sheer steadfastness in the face of terrifying foes. PG 61 EB
Iron Resolve Resistance (Fear), Jaded Defence Willpower T2 After failing a Fear or Pinning test, the character can re-roll the test with a -10 modifier. PG 61 EB
Killing Strike WS 50 Weapon Skill Offence T2 Spend Fate point to make melee attacks unavoidable. PG 129 CB
Lexographer Rank 3 in Linguistics (Any) Intelligence Knowledge T2 The character can attempt any Linguistics skill in which he is not trained as an untrained skill test as if it were not a Specialist skill. PG 63 EO
Luminen Shock Luminen Capacitors, Mechanicus Implants Weapon Skill Tech T2 Counts as a melee weapon that inflicts 1d10 plus his WPB in Energy damage, with Pen 0 and the Shocking quality. Must pass a Toughness test or suffer 1 level of Fatigue after attack. PG 129 CB
Maglev Transcendence Maglev Coils, Mechanicus Implants Intelligence Tech T2 Can hover for a number of minutes equal to 1d10 plus twice his Toughness bonus. He can move his Run speed when making a Half Move action and suffers no damage from falling if the coils are active. Each use drains half the power stored in the coils (can use the coils twice before recharging them). PG 129 CB
Marksman BS 35 Ballistic Skill Finesse T2 No penalties for firing at long or extreme range. PG 130 CB
Mechadendrite Use (choose) Mechanicus Implants Intelligence Tech T2 Gain ability to use certain Mechadendrites. Weapon or Utility. PG 130 CB
One-on-One WS 40 Finesse Weapon Skill T2 When fighting a single enemy in melee combat, the character scores extra degrees of success on successful Weapon Skill tests equal to half of his Weapon Skill bonus (rounded down). PG 61 EB
Penitent Psyker Psy rating, Strong Minded, WP 40 Psyker Defence T2 psyker or ally within 10 metres target of a psychic power suffer any number of levels of Fatigue, each level grants +10 to opposed test to resist or avoid. PG 58 EI
Precision Killer (choose) BS 40 or WS 40 Ballistic Skill/Weapon Skill Finesse T2 No penalty to making Called Shot in either Ranged or Melee Combat. PG 130 CB
Prosanguine Auto Sanguine Implants, Mechanicus Implants Toughness Tech T2 Spend 10 minutes and make a Tech-Use test to heal 1d5 damage. Rolls 96 or higher, loses the ability for one week. PG 131 CB
Purity of Hatred Hatred (Any) Offence Willpower T2 Attacks gain the Vengeful (9) quality against opponents of Hatred group. PG 58 EI
Rites of Banishment Common Lore (Imperial Creed) +10 or Forbidden Lore (Daemonology) Offence Willpower T2 Once per round as a Half Action, the character may speak the litanies and invocations to disrupt Daemons. Until the beginning of his next turn, Daemons within a distance equal to twice the character's Willpower bonus in meters suffer a -10 penalty to Willpower tests. PG 61 EB
Strong Minded WP 30, Resistance (Psychic Powers) Willpower Defence T2 May reroll failed WP tests to resist psychic powers. PG 131 CB
Swift Attack WS 30 Weapon Skill Finesse T2 May make multiple melee attacks. PG 131 CB
Tainted Psyker Psy rating, Rank 2 (Trained) in Psyniscience Skill, 10 Corruption points Knowledge Psyker T2 When making a Focus Power test, the character may gain a number of Corruption points up to his psy rating. For each point he gains in this way, he gains a +10 bonus but adds +5 to rolls on Table 6-2 Psychic Phenomena PG 58 EI
Two-Weapon Wielder (choose) - Weapon Skill/Ballistic Skill Finesse T2 Attacks with two weapons count as being part of the same Half Action, and both tests made to attack with the weapons suffer a -20 penalty. PG 132 CB
Unarmed Specialist Ambidextrous, Ag 35, WS 35 Strength Offence T2 When fighting unarmed, attacks hit as Deadly Natural Weapons and user can re-roll damage. PG 132 CB
Warp Conduit Psy Rating, Strong Minded, WP 50 Willpower Psyker T2 Spend Fate point to add 1d5 to psy rating however he adds +30 to rolls on Table 6-2: Psychic Phenomena PG 132 CB
Whirlwind of Death WS 40 Weapon Skill Finesse T2 As a Half Action, may make one Standard Attack action with a melee weapon against a foe, plus one additional Standard Attack action with the same weapon targeting each other foe also engaged in melee combat with the character beyond the first (to a maximum number of attacks up to his Weapon Skill bonus). PG 133 CB
Witch Finder Rank 2 (Trained) in the Forbidden Lore (Psykers)skill, WP 45 Knowledge Perception T2 Counts as possessing the Psyniscience skill at Rank 1 (Known), even though he is not a psyker. PG 58 EI
Xenosavant Rank 3 in Forbidden Lore (Xenos-Any) Intelligence Knowledge T2 The character can attempt any Forbidden Lore (Xenos) test in which he is not trained as an untrained skill test as if it were not a Specialist skill. PG 63 EO
Adamantium Faith Jaded, Resistance (Fear), WP 45 Willpower Defence T3 Subtract Willpower bonus from his degrees of failure on a failed Fear or Pinning test. If this reduces the result to zero or less, he counts as having passed the Fear test with 1 degree of success. PG 123 CB
Aegis of Contempt Shared Destiny, Shield of Contempt, Hatred (any) Defence Leadership T3 Character or an ally within 10 metres gains Corruption, reduce the amount by 1 to a min of 0. PG 57 EI
Assassin Strike Ag 40, Acrobatics Weapon Skill Fieldcraft T3 After a melee attack, a Challenging (+0) Acrobatics skill test allows to move at half rate as a Free Action. Only once per round, and opponent does not receive a free attack. PG 123 CB
Bastion of Iron Will Psy Rating, Strong Minded, WP 40 Willpower Psyker T3 Adds 5 x his psy rating to any Opposed test when defending against psychic powers. PG 123 CB
Blademaster WS 30, Weapon Training (any Melee) Weapon Skill Finesse T3 When attacking with any bladed weapon, can re-roll one missed attack per round. PG 123 CB
Crushing Blow WS 40 Weapon Skill Offence T3 Add half WS bonus (Round up) to damage inflicted in melee. PG 125 CB
Daemonic Disruption Bane of the Daemon, WP 50, Untouchable elite advance Willpower General T3 Whenever a creature with the Warp Instability trait makes a successful attack test against this character, it must immediately test for Warp Instability after resolving the attack. PG 60 EB
Dark Soul Hardened Soul, 20 Corruption points Toughness Willpower T3 When the character would test to gain a mutation as a result of increasing Corruption, he may choose to automatically pass the test. If he does, he also gains a Malignancy and increases his Corruption total by 1d10. PG 60 EB
Deathdealer BS 45 or WS 45 Perception Finesse T3 Selects the Specialisation that matches the prerequisite used in purchase (Melee with Weapon Skill, Ranged with Ballistic Skill). Attack in that combat type inflicts Critical damage, add his Perception bonus to the damage result. PG 125 CB
Delicate Interrogation Fel 50, Coordinated Interrogation Intelligence Finesse T3 Reduce Subtlety loss by 1d5 when conducting an Interrogation. If this results in a negative number increase the warband's Subtlety by 1. PG 125 CB
Divine Protection BS 45, WP 35 General Finesse T3 Attacks using Spray quality only effects enemies. PG 57 EI
Eye of Vengeance BS 50 Ballistic Skill Offence T3 Spend 1 Fate point to add the number of DoS scored on the attack test to damage and Penetration. PG 127 CB
Favored by the Warp WP 35 Willpower Psyker T3 Roll twice for Psychic Phenomena and choose result. PG 127 CB
Flash of Insight Int 40, Contact Network, Coordinated Interrogation Perception Knowledge T3 Spend 1 Fate point to reveal a clue. PG 127 CB
Halo of Command Fel 40, WP 40 Fellowship Leadership T3 Affect NPCs within 100xFelB metres with Social skills. PG 127 CB
Hammer Blow Crushing Blow Strength Offence T3 When he uses an All Out Attack action to make a single attack, he can add half his Strength bonus (rounded up) to the weapon's penetration. The attack also counts as having the Concussive (2) weapon quality. PG 128 CB
Hull Down Rank 2 in Survival or any Operate skill Agility Fieldcraft T3 When the character takes a vehicle combat action with the Movement subtype, his vehicle or steed counts the value of its Size trait as being one lower for purposes of attack modifiers and the benefits of cover until the start of his next turn. PG 62 EO
Indomitable Conviction Shared Destiny, Strength through Conviction, Resistance (Fear), Jaded Leadership Willpower T3 Character or an ally within 10 metres gains Insanity, reduce the amount by 1 to a min of 0. PG 57 EI
Infused Knowledge Int 40, Lore (anyone) Intelligence Knowledge T3 counts as having all Common Lore and Scholastic Lore skills at rank 1 (Known). PG 128 CB
Instrument of His Will WP 50 Offence Willpower T3 After making a successful attack against a Daemon (this can include striking it with a psychic power), the character may spend a Fate point to increase the damage of the first hit he inflicts as part of that attack by an amount equal to twice his Willpower bonus. This additional damage ignores armour and Toughness bonus. PG 61 EB
Into the Jaws of Hell Adamantium Faith, Halo of Command, Will of the Inquisitor Leadership Willpower T3 Subtract the fellowship bonus from DoF for failed Fear or Pinning test. PG 57 EI
Iron Faith Iron Resolve Defence Willpower T3 The character is immune to the effects of the Baneful Presence trait. PG 61 EB
Lightning Attack Swift Attack Weapon Skill Finesse T3 Character may make many melee attacks with single roll. PG 129 CB
Luminen Blast Luminen Shock, Luminen Capacitors, Mechanicus Implants Ballistic Skill Tech T3 Counts as being equipped with a single shot Pistol weapon with a 10m range and deals 1d10 plus twice his Willpower bonus in Energy damage. Must pass a Toughness test or suffer 1 level of Fatigue after attack. PG 129 CB
Mastery (choose) Rank 4 in selected skill Intelligence Knowledge T3 May spend Fate point to succeed on test if the final modifier to his skill test is Challenging (+0) or better, score a number of degrees of success equal to the characteristic bonus. PG 130 CB
Mighty Shot BS 40 Ballistic Skill Offence T3 Add half BS (rounding up) bonus to ranged damage rolls. PG 130 CB
Never Die WP 50, T 50 Toughness Defence T3 Ignore penalties from Critical damage by spending Fate point. Once the encounter ends, the effects trigger as normal. PG 130 CB
Preternatural Speed WS 40, Ag 50 Agility Offence T3 Double speed when charging. PG 130 CB
Push the Limit Rank 2 in Survival or any Operate skill, Tech-Use Perception Tech T3 Once per round, the character may add +20 to an Operate test however, if he fails the test by 4 or more degrees of failure, immediately roll 1d5 on Table 7-32: Motive Systems Critical Hit effects and apply the result. If he is riding a living mount, roll 1d5 on Table 7-18: Impact Critical effects - Leg PG 63 EO
Sanctic Purity Daemonologist, Favoured by the Warp, WP 50 Psyker Willpower T3 When the character triggers Psychic Phenomena when manifesting a power from the Sanctic Daemonology discipline, he may spend a Fate point in order to negate the result entirely. PG 61 EB
Shield Wall Ambidextrous, WS 40 Defence Weapon Skill T3 When armed with a shield, the character can re-roll one failed Evasion test to Parry an attack per round. PG 61 EB
Sprint - Agility Fieldcraft T3 Move more quickly in combat. PG 131 CB
Step Aside Ag 40, Dodge or Parry Agility Defence T3 Can make additional Dodge or Parry attempt per round. PG 131 CB
Superior Chirurgeon Rank 2 in Medicae skill Intelligence Fieldcraft T3 Gain +20 to Medicae tests, bonuses to first aid tests and only suffers a -10 penalty for those suffering Critical damage. PG 131 CB
Target Selection BS 50 Ballistic Skill Finesse T3 May shoot into melee without penalty. Also an Aim action beforehand, prevents any chance of hitting friendly targets as well. PG 132 CB
Thunder Charge S 50 Strength Offence T3 Break enemies with armoured charge. PG 132 CB
True Grit T 40 Toughness Defence T3 Reduce Critical damage taken. PG 132 CB
Two-Weapon Master Ag 45, Ambidextrous, BS 40 or WS 40, Two-Weapon Wielder (Melee, Ranged) Finesse Offence T3 No penalties when fighting with two single handed weapons. PG 132 CB
Warp Lock Psy Rating, Strong Minded, WP 50 Willpower Psyker T3 Ignore Psychic Phenomenon once per session. Suffers 1d5 Energy damage to the Head location (not reduced by Armour or Toughness) as a result, and cannot make any Focus Power tests or sustain other psychic powers until the beginning of his next turn. PG 133 CB
Weapon Intuition Exotic Weapon Training (Any) Intelligence Finesse T3 The character reduces the penalty for using a weapon without the proper training by 10. PG 63 EO


Name Effect Page
Amorphous May increase or decrease its Size trait value by 1 as a Free Action. Also has the Crawler trait. CB 134
Amphibious Creature can breathe underwater. CB 134
Auto-stabilized Always counts as braced. CB 134
Baneful Presence All suffer a -10 penalty to Willpower tests taken while within X metres of the creature. CB 134
Bestial Automatically passes Survival skill tests, test a Challenging (+0) Willpower test when frightened, startled, or injured. If it fails, the creature flees. CB 134
Blind Cannot see. The Blind Fighting talent reduces the penalty to Weapon Skill tests as normal for Blind creatures, from -30 to -15. CB 134
Brutal Charge Deals an extra (X) points of damage on each hit it inflicts that turn when performing a Charge action. CB 134
Burrower The number in parentheses (X) indicates its speed when burrowing. Can burrow through soil, rock, sand. When burrows, it leaves behind a tunnel. Characters with a Size trait value lower than the borrower can enter these areas without impediment. At the end of each round after the borrower passes, roll 1d10; on a result of 5 or lower, the tunnel collapses behind. CB 134
Crawler The base move for a creature with this trait is half its normal movement rate (roundup) as determined by its Agility bonus, but it does not take penalties for moving over difficult terrain. CB 134
Daemonic With this trait increase their Toughness bonus against all damage by the number indicated in the parentheses (X), in the same manner as an Unnatural Characteristic, and stack if the latter also increases Toughness. This increase is negated by damage inflicted from force weapons, psychic powers, holy attacks, or other creatures with this trait. Daemonic creatures also have the Undying trait, and gain benefits when using psychic powers. CB 135
Dark-sight Can see in darkness and never takes a penalty for fighting in areas of dim or no lighting. CB 135
Deadly Natural Weapons Gains all the benefits of the Natural Weapons trait, except that its attacks no longer have the Primitive weapon quality. CB 135
Fear Always has an associated rating (1-4). This is indicated by the number in parentheses (X). When a character encounters a creature with this trait, must make a Willpower test with a penalty based on the creature's Fear rating. If he succeeds, the character suffers no ill effects; if he fails, he must roll on Table 8-11: Shock, adding +10 to the roll for every degree of failure on the test. CB 136
Flyer Fly and enter any altitude. (X) indicates its speed when flying. This number replaces the creature's Agility bonus for movement actions while airborne. CB 136
From Beyond Their minds are beyond the petty frailties and precarious sanity of a mortal mind. Such a creature is immune to Fear, Pinning, Insanity points, and psychic powers used to cloud, control, or delude its mind. CB 136
Hoverer Fly and enter the hover altitude flying no higher than two metres. The number in parentheses (X) indicates its speed when hovering; this number replaces its Agility bonus for purposes of calculating Movement while airborne. CB 136
Incorporeal Insubstantial and weightless, cannot be affected by mundane weaponry. Gain the Hoverer (6) trait and a +30 bonus on Stealth tests due to their ability to merge with objects and nearly silent movement. Also immune to normal weapons, which simply pass ineffectually through its body. Daemons, psychic powers, Warp creatures, other Incorporeal creatures, and opponents armed with force weapons can all injure an Incorporeal creature normally. An Incorporeal creature cannot usually affect the mortal world, and thus cannot damage normal opponents unless it has a suitable special ability or talent. CB 136
Machine Machines do not breathe, are immune to vacuum, extremes of cold, and mind-influencing psychic effects. Machines have a certain number of Armour points (indicated by the number in parentheses). This armour stacks with worn armour, but not with the Natural Armour trait, and can damage from Fire CB 136
Mechanicus Implants Character has mechanical augmentations. Cranial circuitry, Cyber-mantle, Electro-Graft, Electoo Inductors, and Potenia Coil. CB 137
Mind Lock If faced with a situation outside of its programming and with no recognised master to issue orders, the creature must pass a Routine (+20) Intelligence test or be Stunned for 1 round. CB 137
Multiple Arms exact number of arms is indicated in parentheses (X), so with Multiple Arms (4) has four arms total. It gains a +10 bonus on Athletics tests involving climbing and swimming. In addition, for each full pair of arms it has (the Multiple Arms value divided by 2) it can make an additional attack as if wielding multiple melee weapons. In this case, the creature must either have natural weapons or actual melee weapons to wield for this to take effect. Note that a creature still requires the Two-Weapon Wielder talent to make multiple attacks in the same turn. CB 137
Natural Armor Gain additional Armor points to all locations and stacks with worn armour, but not with the Machine trait. CB 137
Natural Weapons Counts as being armed even when not wielding weapons, with attacks deal 1d10 points of damage plus its SB. Can make attacks with its Natural Weapons using its Weapon Skill, though it cannot Parry with its natural weapons, nor can it be disarmed unless, of course, its limbs are hacked off. In general, creatures with Natural Weapons are immune to the Power Field quality, as it is assumed they have enough teeth, claws, or spines to ignore a few being removed. Natural weapons have the Primitive (7) weapon quality unless stated otherwise in the profile. CB 137
Phase Switch between incorporeal and corporeal as a Half Action. CB 137
Psyker Creature has a psy rating of 1 or more. CB 138
Quadruped Movement equals ABx2. With more than four legs may gain this trait as well, increasing their movement as indicated above but adding an additional 2 CB 138
Regeneration Each round, at the start of its turn, the creature can make a Toughness test to remove an amount of damage indicated in the parentheses after the trait. CB 138
Sanctioned Avoid Corruption from Psyker elite advance; start at psy rating 2. CB 138
Size Determines creature size and benefits. CB 138
Sonar Sense Perceive surroundings flawlessly within 30 meters. Other within this 30 metre range that succeed on a Difficult (-10) Awareness skill can detect the echoing. CB 138
Soul Bound Bound to a particular group or creatures in exchange for certain benefits. Upon becoming soul-bound, the psyker must choose one of the following effects: 3d10 Insanity points, the permanent loss of his sight, permanent loss of 1d10 points from one characteristic, or a random mutation. CB 138
Stampede Failed Willpower test causes creature to flee, trampling anything in its path. Anyone in the way suffers a single hit from the creature's Natural Weapons (or 1d5+SB Impact damage if it does not have that trait). One stampeding creature automatically causes all other creatures with the same trait within sight to stampede as well. The stampede lasts until the source of danger is no longer visible or for 1d10 minutes, whichever occurs last. CB 138
Stuff of Nightmares Become immune to most conditions that would harm normal creatures. Count as having the Undying trait, and are completely immune to most environmental hazards, Blood Loss, and Stunning. They also ignore any Critical Effect other than one that would destroy them outright, unless it was caused by a psychic power, force weapon, or holy attack. CB 138
Sturdy +20 bonus to resist grapple, Knock Down, and Takedown. CB 139
Touched by the Fates NPC has Fate points. CB 139
Toxic (X) Gain poisonous attack. When struck in melee, the attacker must make a Toughness test at the end of his turn with a penalty equal to 10 times the number in parentheses (X), or suffer 1d10 points of Energy damage not reduced by Armour or Toughness. CB 139
Undying It cannot be harmed by diseases, poisons, or toxic effects. It also has no need to breathe, and thus can survive unaided in a vacuum. CB 139
Unnatural Characteristic Increases one characteristic bonus. CB 139
Unnatural Senses Perceive surroundings by uncanny means. Includes a range in metres indicated by the number in parentheses (X). CB 139
Warp Instability If a creature with this trait takes damage and does not deal any damage or Insanity points to another creature by the end of its next turn, it must make a Willpower test. The creature suffers 1 point of damage for failing, plus 1 additional point of damage for each degree of failure. If this would deal damage equal to (or in excess of) the creature's wounds, it is cast back into the Warp. CB 139
Warp Weapons Creature's attacks ignore armor, unless the armour is created from psychoactive materials or is somehow warded against the Warp. Force Fields still work against these attacks normally. CB 139


Homeworlds Char + Char + Char - Fate Base Emperor's Blessing Home World Bonus Aptitude Wounds Page
Feral World Strength Toughness Influence 2 3+ The Old Ways: A Feral World character's Low-Tech weapons lose any present Primitive Qualities and gain the Proven (3) Quality. Toughness 9+1d5 PG 32 CB
Forge World Intelligence Toughness Fellowship 3 8+ Omnissiah's Chosen: A Forge World character gains the Technical Knock or Weapon-Tech Talent. Intelligence 8+1d5 PG 34 CB
Highborn Fellowship Influence Toughness 4 10+ Breeding Counts: A Highborn character reduces Influence losses by 1, to a minimum loss of 1. Fellowship 9+1d5 PG 36 CB
Hive World Agility Perception Willpower 2 6+ Teeming Masses in Metal Mountains: A Hive World character moves through crowds as if they were open terrain and gains a +20 bonus to Navigate (Surface) Tests in closed spaces. Perception 8+1d5 PG 38 CB
Shrine World Fellowship Willpower Perception 3 6+ Faith in the Creed: When spending a Fate Point, a Shrine World character's number of Fate Points are not reduced on a 1d10 result of 1. Willpower 8+1d5 PG 40 CB
Voidborn Intelligence Willpower Strength 3 5+ Child of the Dark: A voidborn character starts with the Strong Minded talent, and gains a +30 bonus to tests for moving in zero-gravity Intelligence 7+1d5 PG 42 CB
Agri-World Fellowship Strength Agility 2 7+ Strength from the Land: An agri-world character starts with the Brutal Charge (2) Trait Strength 8+1d5 PG 25 EI
Feudal World Perception Weapon Skill Intelligence 3 6+ At Home in Armour: A feudal world character ignores the maximum Agility value imposed by any armour he is wearing Weapon Skill 9+1d5 PG 27 EI
Frontier World Ballistic Skill Perception Fellowship 3 7+ Rely on None but Yourself: A frontier world character gains a +20 bonus to Tech-Use tests when applying a personal weapon modification, and a +10 bonus when repairing damaged items Ballistic Skill 7+1d5 PG 29 EI
Death World Agility Perception Fellowship 2 5+ Survivor's Paranoia: While a death world character is Surprised, non-Surprised attackers do not gain the normal +30 bonus to their Weapon and Ballistic Skill tests when targeting this character Fieldcraft 9+1d5 PG 29 EO
Garden World Fellowship Agility Toughness 2 4+ Serenity of the Green: A garden world character halves the duration (rounding up) of any result from Shock or Mental Traumas, and can remove Insanity Points for 50xp per point, rather than the normal 100xp Social 7+1d5 PG 31 EO
Research Station Intelligence Perception Fellowship 3 8+ Pursuit of Data: Whenever a research station character reaches Rank 2 (Trained) in a Scholastic Lore skill, he also gains Rank 1 (Known) in one related or identical Forbidden Lore skill specialisation of their choice. The GM is the final arbiter of whether the two specialisations are related. Knowledge 8+1d5 PG 33 EO
Daemon World Willpower Perception Fellowship 3 4+ Touched by the Warp: A Daemon world native begins with one rank in the Psyniscience skill. Should he gain this skill again in a later step of character creation, he instead gains one additional rank of this skill. This character also begins with 1d10+5 Corruption Points Willpower 7+1d5 PG 26 EB
Penal Colony Toughness Perception Influence 3 8+ Finger on the Pulse: One survives a penal colony by instinctively knowing who is in charge and who is a threat. A penal colony character begins with one rank in Common Lore (Underworld) and Scrutiny skills, and starts with the Peer (Criminal Cartels) talent. Toughness 10+1d5 PG 28 EB
Quarantine World Ballistic Skill Intelligence Strength 3 9+ Secretive by Nature: Those who manage to leave a quarantine world learn how to keep secrets. Wheneve the warband's Subtlety would decrease, it decreases by 2 less (to a minimum of 1) Fieldcraft 8+1d5 PG 30 EB


Backgrounds Starting Skills Starting Talents Starting Equipment Background Bonus Background Aptitude Page
Adeptus Administratum Commerce or Medicae, Common Lore (Adeptus Administratum), Linguistics (High Gothic),Logic, Scholastic Lore (Pick One) Weapon Training (Las or Solid Projectile) Laspistol or stub automatic, Imperial robes, autoquill, Chrono, dataslate, medi-kit Master of Paperwork: An Adeptus Administratum character counts the Availability of all items as one level more available (Very Rare items count as Rare, Average items count as Common, etc.). Knowledge or Social PG 46 CB
Adeptus Arbites Awareness, Common Lore (Adeptus Arbites, Underworld), Inquiry or Interrogation, Intimidate, Scrutiny Weapon Training (Shock or Solid Projectile) Shotgun or shock maul, Enforcer light carapace armor or carapace chest plate, 3 doses of stimm, manacles, 12 lho sticks The Face of the Law: An Arbitrator can intimidation and Interrogation test, and can substitute his Willpower bonus for his degrees of success on these tests. Offence or Defense PG 48 CB
Adeptus Astra Telepathica Awareness, Common Lore (Adeptus Astra Telepathica), Deceive or Interrogation, Forbidden Lore (the Warp),Psyniscience or Scrutiny Weapon Training (Las, Low-Tech) Laspistol, staff or whip, light flak cloak or flak vest, micro-bead or psy focus The Constant Threat: When the character or an ally within 10 meters triggers a roll on the Table 6-2: Psychic Phenomenon (pg 196). Adeptus Astra Telepathica character can increase or decrease the result by amount equal to his Willpower bonus. Tested on Terra: If the character takes the Psyker elite advance during character creation, he also gains the Sanctioned trait (pg 138). Defense or Psyker PG 50 CB
Adeptus Mechanicus Awareness or Operate (Pick One), Common Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus), Logic, Security, Tech Mechadendrite Use (Utility),Weapon Training (Solid Projectile) Autogun or hand cannon, monotask servo-skull (utility) or optical Mechadendrite, Imperial robes, 2 vials of sacred unguents Replace the Weak Flesh: An Adeptus Mechanicus character counts the Availability of all cybernetics as two levels more available (Rare items count as Average, Very Rare items count as Scarce, etc.).Starting Trait: Mechanicus Implants (pg 137). Knowledge or Tech PG 52 CB
Adeptus Ministorum Charm, Command, Common Lore (Adeptus Ministorum),Inquiry or Scrutiny, Linguistics (High Gothic) Weapon Training (Flame) or Weapon Training (Low-Tech, Solid Projectile) Hand flamer (or Warhammer and stub revolver), Imperial robes or flak vest, backpack, glow-globe, monotask servo Faith is All: When spending a Fate point to gain a+10 bonus to any one test, an Adeptus Ministorum character gains a +20 bonus instead. Leadership or Social PG 54 CB
Imperial Guard Athletics, Command, Common Lore (Imperial Guard), Medicae or Operate (Surface), Navigate (Surface) Weapon Training (Las, Low-Tech) Lasgun (or laspistol and sword), combat vest, Imperial Guard flak armor, grapnel and line,12 lho sticks, magnoculars Hammer of the Emperor: When attacking a target that an ally attacked since the end of the Guardsman's last turn, the Guardsman can re-roll any results of 1 or 2 damage rolls. Fieldcraft or Leadership PG 56 CB
Outcast Acrobatics or Sleight of Hand, Common Lore (Underworld), Deceive, Dodge, Stealth Weapon Training (Chain, and Las or Solid Projectile) Autopistol or laspistol, chainsword, armored body glove or flak vest, injector, 2 doses of obscura or slaught Never Quit: An Outcast character counts his Toughness bonus as two higher for purposes of determining Fatigue. Fieldcraft or Social PG 58 CB
Adepta Sororitas Athletics, Charm or Intimidate, Common Lore (Adepta Sororitas), Linguistics (High Gothic), Medicae or Parry Weapon Training (Flame or Las, Chain) Hand lamer or laspistol, chainblade, armoured bodyglove, chrono, dataslate, stablight, micro-bead Incorruptible Devotion: Whenever an Adepta Sororitas character would gain 1 or more Corruption Points, she gains that many Insanity Points minus 1 (to a minimum of 0) instead. Offence or Social PG 31 EI
Mutant Acrobatics or Athletics, Awareness, Deceive or Intimidate, Forbidden Lore (Mutants), Survival Weapon Training (Low-Tech, Solid Projectile) Shotgun (or stub revolver and great weapon), grapnel and line, heavy leathers, combat vest, 2 doses of stimm Twisted Flesh: A Mutant character can always choose to fail any test associated with resisting malignancy or mutation. Whenever he would gain a malignancy, he may roll on Table 8–16: Mutations to gain a mutation instead. Starts with 10 corruption and rolls 5d10 to determine starting mutation. Has one of the following Traits: Amphibious, Dark-sight, Natural Weapons, Sonar Sense, Sturdy, Toxic (1), Unnatural Agility (1), Unnatural Strength (1), or Unnatural Toughness (1) Fieldcraft or Offense PG 33 EI
Heretek Deceive or Inquiry, Forbidden Lore (pick one), Medicae or Security, Tech-Use, Trade (pick one) Weapon Training (Solid Projectile) Stub revolver with 2 extra clips of Expander bullets or Man- Stopper rounds, 1 web grenade, combi-tool, flak cloak, filtration plugs, 1 dose of de-tox, dataslate, stablight Master of Hidden Lores: When a Heretek makes a Tech-Use test to comprehend, use, repair, or modify an unfamiliar device, he gains a +20 bonus if he has one or more relevant Forbidden Lore skill specialisations at Rank 1 (Known) or higher. Hereteks also start with Mechanicus Implants. Finesse or Tech PG 35 EI
Imperial Navy Athletics, Command or Intimidate, Common Lore (Imperial Navy), Navigate (Stellar), Operate (Aeronautica or Voidship) Weapon Training (Chain or Shock, Solid Projectile) Combat shotgun or hand cannon, chainsword or shock whip, flak coat, rebreather, micro-bead Close Quarters Discipline: An Imperial Navy character scores one additional degree of success on successful Ballistic Skill tests he makes against targets at Point-Blank range, at Short range, and with whom he is engaged in melee. Offense or Tech PG 37 EI
Rogue Trader Fleet Charm or Scrutiny, Commerce, Common Lore (Rogue Traders), Linguistics (pick one alien language), Operate (Surface or Aeronautica) Weapon Training (Las or Solid Projectile, Shock) Laspistol or autopistol (fitted with Compact weapon upgrade), shock maul, mesh cloak or carapace chestplate, auspex, chrono Inured to the Xenos: A character from a Rogue Trader Fleet gains a +10 bonus to Fear tests caused by aliens and a +20 bonus to Interaction skill tests with alien characters. Finesse or Social PG 39 EI
Exorcised Awareness, Deceive or Inquiry, Dodge, Forbidden Lore (Daemonology), Intimidate or Scrutiny Hatred (Daemons), Weapon Training (Solid Projectile, Chain) Autopistol or Stub Revolver, Shotgun, Chainblade, Imperial Robes, 3 doses of Obscura or 3 doses of Tranq, Disguise Kit or Excruciator Kit, Rebreather, Stablight or Glow-globe Touched by a Daemon: An exorcised character counts his Insanity Bonus as 2 higher for purposes of avoiding Fear tests. Additionally, he can never again be possessed by a daemon. In addition, an exorcised character begins with one Malignancy Defense or Knowledge PG 32 EB


Role Role Aptitudes Role Talent Role Bonus Page
Assassin Agility, Ballistic Skill or Weapon Skill, Fieldcraft, Finesse, Perception Jaded or Leap Up Sure Kill: In addition to the normal uses of Fate points(pg 293), when an Assassin successfully hits with an attack, he may spend a Fate point to inflict additional damage equal to his degrees of success on the attack roll on the first hit the attack inflicts. PG 62 CB
Chirurgeon Fieldcraft, Intelligence, Knowledge, Strength, Toughness Resistance (Pick One) or Takedown Dedicated Healer: In addition to the normal uses of Fate points (pg 293), when a Chirurgeon character fails a test to provide First Aid, he can spend a Fate point to automatically succeed instead with the degrees of success equal to his Intelligence bonus. PG 64 CB
Desperado Agility, Ballistic Skill, Defense, Fellowship, Finesse Catfall or Quick Draw Move and Shoot: Once per round, after performing Move action, a Desperado character may perform a single Standard Attack with a Pistol weapon he is currently wielding as a Free Action. PG 66 CB
Hierophant Fellowship, Offence, Social, Toughness, Willpower Double Team or Hatred (Pick One) Sway the Masses: In addition to the normal uses of Fate points (pg 293), a Hierophant character may spend a Fate point to automatically succeed at a Charm, Command, or Intimidate skill test with a number of degrees of success equal to his Willpower bonus. PG 68 CB
Mystic Defense, Intelligence, Knowledge, Perception, Willpower Resistance (Psychic Powers) or Warp Sense Stare into the Warp: A Mystic character starts the game with the Psyker elite advance (pg 90). It is recommended that a character who wishes to be a Mystic have a Willpower of at least 35. PG 70 CB
Sage Intelligence, Knowledge, Perception, Tech, Willpower Ambidextrous or Clues from the Crowds Quest for Knowledge: In addition to the normal uses of Fate points (pg 293), a Sage character may spend a Fate point to automatically succeed at a Logic or any Lore skill test with a number of degrees of success equal to his Intelligence bonus. PG 72 CB
Seeker Fellowship, Intelligence, Perception, Social, Tech Keen Intuition or Disarm Nothing Escapes My Sight: In addition to the normal uses of Fate points (pg 293), a Seeker character may spend a Fate point to automatically succeed at an Awareness or Inquiry skill test with a number of degrees of success equal to his Perception bonus. PG 74 CB
Warrior Ballistic Skill, Defense, Offence, Strength, Weapon Skill Iron Jaw or Rapid Reload Expert at Violence: In addition to the normal uses of Fate points (pg 293), after making a successful attack test, but before determining hits, a Warrior character may spend a Fate point to substitute his Weapon Skill (for melee) or Ballistic Skill (for ranged) bonus for the degrees of success scored on the attack test. PG 76 CB
Crusader Knowledge, Offense, Strength, Toughness, Willpower Bodyguard or Deny the Witch Smite the Unholy: In addition to the normal uses of Fate Points, a crusader can also spend a Fate Point to automatically pass a Fear test with a DoS equal to his Willpower Bonus. In addition, whenever he inflicts a hit with a melee weapon against a target with the Fear (X) trait, he inflicts X additional damage and counts his weapon's Penetration as being X higher. PG 34 EB


Rolls Divination Prophecies Divination Effects
1 Mutation without, corruption within. Roll once on the Malignancies table and apply the result.
02-05 Trust in your fear. Increase this character's Perception by 5. He also gains the Phobia Mental Disorder.
06-09 Humans must die so that humanity can endure. This character gains the Jaded talent. If he already possesses this talent, increase his Willpower characteristic by 2 instead.
10-13 The pain of the bullet is ecstasy compared to damnation. Reduce this character's Agility characteristic by 3. The first time this character suffers Critical damage each session, roll a 1d10. On a result of 10, he does not suffer any Critical Effects, though the damage still counts as Critical Damage.
14-17 Be a boon to your allies and the bane of your enemies. The character gains the Hatred (choose any one) talent. If he already possessed this talent, increase his Strength characteristic by 2 instead.
18-21 The wise learn from the deaths of others. Increase this character's Agility or Intelligence Characteristic by 3. Reduce his Weapon Skill of Ballistic skill characteristic by 3.
22-25 Kill the alien before it can speak its lies. This character gains the Quick Draw talent. If he already possesses this talent, increase his Agility characteristic by 2 instead.
26-29 Truth is subjective. Increase this character's Perception by 3. The first time he would gain 1 or more Corruption points each session, he gains that amount plus 1 instead.
30-33 Thought begets Heresy. Reduce this character's Intelligence by 3. The first time he would gain 1 or more Corruption points each session, he reduces that amount by 1 (to a minimum of 0) instead.
34-38 Heresy begets Retribution. Increase this character's Fellowship or Strength characteristic by 3. Reduce his Toughness or Willpower characteristic by 3.
39-43 A mind without purpose wanders in dark places. When gaining Mental Disorders, the character may choose to gain a new Disorder instead of increasing the severity of an existing Disorder.
44-49 If a job is worth doing, it is worth dying for. Increase this character's Toughness or Willpower characteristic by 3. Reduce his Fellowship or Strength characteristic by 3.
50-54 Dark dreams lie upon the heart. Whenever this character would roll on the Malignancies table, he may instead select any one result and gain that Malignancy.
55-59 Violence solves everything. Increase this character's Weapon Skill or Ballistic Skill characteristic by 3. Reduce his Agility or Intelligence characteristic by 3.
60-63 Ignorance is a wisdom of its own. Reduce this character's Perception characteristic by 3. The first time he would gain 1 or more Insanity points each session, he reduces that amount by 1 (to a minimum of 0) instead.
64-67 Only the insane have the strength to prosper. Increase this character's Willpower characteristic by 3. The first time he would gain 1 or more Insanity points each session, he gains that amount plus 1 instead.
68-71 A suspicious mind is a healthy mind. Increase this character's Perception characteristic by 2. Additionally, he may re-roll Awareness tests to avoid being Surprised.
72-75 Suffering is an unrelenting instructor. Reduce this character's Toughness characteristic by 3. The first time that this character suffers any damage each session, he gains a +20 bonus to the next test he makes before the end of his next turn.
76-79 The only true fear is dying without your duty done. This character gains the Resistance (Cold, Heat, or Fear) talent. If he already possesses this Talent, increase his Toughness characteristic by 2 instead.
80-83 Only in death does duty end. The first time this character would suffer Fatigue each session, he suffers that amount of Fatigue minus 1 (to a minimum of 0) instead.
84-87 Innocence is an illusion. This character gains the Keen Intuition talent. If he already possesses this talent, increase his Intelligence characteristic by 2 instead.
88-91 To war is human. This character gains the Dodge skill as a Known skill (rank 1). If he already posses this skill, increase his Agility characteristic by 2 instead.
92-95 There is no substitute for zeal. This character gains the Clues from the Crowds talent. If he already possesses this talent, increase his Fellowship characteristic by 2 instead.
96-99 Even one who has nothing can still offer his life. When this character burns Fate threshold to survive a lethal injury, roll 1d10. On a result of 10, he survives whatever grievous wound would have killed him but does not reduce his Fate threshold.
100 Do not ask why you serve. Only ask how. Increase this character's Fate threshold by 1.